200% Professional

There's usually two types of people: those who understand computers and those who understand people. I'm really good at both. And that makes working with me on your next software project incredibly effective. I can quickly understand your needs and solve them with modern software technologies.

The physics of software

I got my B.Sc. in Engineering Physics at the U of A where I studied how computers work: from the subatomic particles through to information management theories. I then worked developing software for industrial radar and ignition systems, marine security and surveillance, and vessel traffic control systems. This was great work that taught me professional software engineering practices and stringent safety-critical software reliability models. But...

Flexing the other side of my brain

I felt grievously disconnected from human beings so I quit, got my B.Sc. in Nursing, and moved to Vancouver (and got married!). I worked as a palliative nurse and as a community health nurse for three years. This new career challenged and rewarded me in every way imaginable and developed my character in brand new directions. It taught me how to communicate and form effective, purpose-driven relationships with (almost?) anyone.

Connecting software with people...the right way

With the huge amount of technology in our modern health care system, I learned first-hand how people best interacts with computers—what makes a crappy user interface and what makes an amazing user experience. Having worked with so many different people who rely on computers to do their jobs, I've come to appreciate good software and how much it can move an organization forward and I've come to despise crap software that inhibits people and creates more problems than it solves.

I've developed a passion for leveraging the amazing power of web-based applications to solve real human problems and I want to put this to work for you.

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